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Posted on 2006.11.28 at 15:59
i miss lj! come back friends!

(real post soon <3)

Posted on 2006.10.17 at 11:59
feeling:: nerdy
listening to:: the sounds of the computer lab
i'm in english and i just took a midterm.. : (

i miss my baby macbook.

hopefully everyone will be calling me a lot more now that i don't have a computer. for awhile. (might as well just cry about it...) haha. well, my trip to the mtns was pretty exhilerating, i will try to put the pictures up somehow in the computer lab, i'll figure it out.
happy almost birthday to maria and andrew. my old friends. i feel so little.

aand this should be a lovely week. completely unsure of plans, needing to go retrieve my sketchbook at home, minus the bear pretty soon, and lovelovelovelove and happiness

Posted on 2006.10.01 at 10:13
feeling:: thoughtful
listening to:: cary bros

the loveliest morning begins with a trip to the aquarium, and afterwards a walk to broad street on the most beautiful almost fall day.Collapse )

p.s. DON'T YOU LOVE my new layout?!

Posted on 2006.09.27 at 21:13
feeling:: aggravated

I am a seatbelt!
Find your own pose!

Posted on 2006.09.10 at 00:02
feeling:: loved
listening to:: mew
i'm at robbie's so i don't have any new pictures to show, but i am all unpacked and i love the way everything looks. the walls are a little bare and we've got all this extra space for a futon or something, but my corner is cute and everything is all together & perfect! not like the previous pictures i promise. messy messy. this morning vicki and i got to sleep in and she brought orange cappuccino, i brought a kettle. mmm. realized what a problem it was to not have a shower curtain yet... and ended up taking a bath.. very european. i'm completely serious when i say that if you want to feel artistic, try it instead of a shower. i don't know why. it was soo strange. i hope we get the curtain soon. tonight robbie and i went along to get maggiano's dinner for my banquet, which was surprisingly fun and not awkward. (although maria and patrick were sorely missed). we met some new people. connections with austrian exchange programs. the chandeliers were beautiful. aaand grocery shopping,(beforehand) robbie bought me hummus,chocolate milk,french latte mix,yogurt...i'm sure there were other things too

overall it was the best first day i could have asked for.

Posted on 2006.09.09 at 00:49
feeling:: giddy

lol. i know it's messyCollapse )

Posted on 2006.09.05 at 17:58
feeling:: ecstatic
snow patrol - sept 6 - the tabernacle - $25

sufjan stevens - sept 20 - the fox - $25

me without you/piebald - oct 18 - masquerade - $13

asobi seksu - oct 19 - the earl - ???

minus the bear - oct 23 - drunken unicorn - $13

copeland/appleseed cast - nov 3 - NASHVILLE!!!

death cab/ted leo - nov 17 - the fox - $25 (buy tickets sept 16)

Posted on 2006.08.28 at 23:55
feeling:: anxious
listening to:: appleseed cast - innocent vigilant ordinary
eleven days and counting

i'm so happy even though i don't always act like it, i'm practically bursting inside.. today i saw my dorm room, when i went to talk to the bursar at scad.. i looked at a few of the rooms, there are three types, and mine is the biggest. it's really empty though, in fact, i don't even have a closet. i'm going to have to buy some sort of plastic wardrobe, definitely some storage boxes or shelves because there is zero counter space or place to put stuff. it's not good. but i am happy with the room, it is clean and the whole place is being renovated, there was construction everywhere and they are repainting and wallpapering etc. i have a balcony and the bathroom is large, like a hotel bathroom. overall something to be pleased with!

it feels like the start of something new. something so new i can't even imagine it. i'm pretty nervous about living with a stranger but it's all been done before. nothing i can't handle. also the art center marta station is far far away. pretty long walk. i will be in shape, that is all i have to say..

yesterday i went to ikea to buy roomstuff, aaand... (this is so great, i cannot even describe how great this is) i found out: there is a free shuttle. it runs from my marta (art center station) to atlantic station. where there is a grocery store. then it goes to ikea. and some apartments. then back to marta. oh my gosh. a free shuttle. it runs every ten minutes. ahhh i am so happy.. i don't have to walk 100 miles to get to atlanticstation/ikea anymore, yayyy

Posted on 2006.07.15 at 23:41
location:: will be in st.augustine pretttysoon
feeling:: restless