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i'm at robbie's so i don't have any new pictures to show, but i am all unpacked and i love the way everything looks. the walls are a little bare and we've got all this extra space for a futon or something, but my corner is cute and everything is all together & perfect! not like the previous pictures i promise. messy messy. this morning vicki and i got to sleep in and she brought orange cappuccino, i brought a kettle. mmm. realized what a problem it was to not have a shower curtain yet... and ended up taking a bath.. very european. i'm completely serious when i say that if you want to feel artistic, try it instead of a shower. i don't know why. it was soo strange. i hope we get the curtain soon. tonight robbie and i went along to get maggiano's dinner for my banquet, which was surprisingly fun and not awkward. (although maria and patrick were sorely missed). we met some new people. connections with austrian exchange programs. the chandeliers were beautiful. aaand grocery shopping,(beforehand) robbie bought me hummus,chocolate milk,french latte mix,yogurt...i'm sure there were other things too

overall it was the best first day i could have asked for.
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